Matthew Shepherd

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Voice

  • Music Theory

  • Songwriting


Matthew is a studio bassist and multi-instrumentalist. As a Masters graduate from the University of Ottawa, along with experience in teaching academically, he is more than equipped to teach his students how to play music and to love it in the process. Matthew has gained a strong foundation in music theory at the beginning of his music career as a Jazz guitarist and composer. He has played Bass, Guitar and Drums  in rock bands throughout Ontario.


Through the study of Musicology, Matthew has gained a deep knowledge of performance practice in a variety of popular musics, including, but not limited to: Pop, Rock, Metal, Country, Folk, Jazz, and Blues.


As well, he was a former member and co-manager of the University of Guelph Symphonic and Chamber choirs, and an acoustic singer-songwriter in Ottawa under the moniker M.R. Shepherd. Currently, Matthew is a member of the Screamin’ Deal recording project with four albums released that have garnered international radio airplay. He also performs with local musicians in St. John’s and continues to work out of his home studio providing a creative and dynamic musical voice to a variety of projects.