Stephanie Whittle

  • Voice

  • Piano


Stephanie was born in Ottawa, Ontario but was raised right here in Paradise, Newfoundland with her parents and her brother and sister. Currently, Stephanie is studying at Memorial University, majoring in linguistics and minoring in psychology. She aspires to become both a Speech-Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist, as she has always had a passion for helping others. With this passion, Stephanie has volunteered with the Down Syndrome Society, the Janeway Make a Wish Foundation, the Riley Mercer Memorial Toy Drive, and many others. Along with this, is Stephanie’s passion for music. It took a few years of begging, but her parents finally allowed her to get in music lessons at age 10, studying piano and voice with Shawn Butler. Stephanie worked hard on her skills as a pianist and vocalist and was eventually offered a position at Frequency Music Studios to share her knowledge with beginner students. Five years later and she is still a strong part of this team, which has become more like a family.


Stephanie believes that music should be whatever the child wants it to be, and should be an entirely fun and educational experience. If you continuously force someone to learn something that they have no interest in, eventually they will give up. Stephanie teaches the children that everyone is different and has their own interests, and makes herself knowledgeable to whatever it is that each child enjoys, that way she can create an environment where each student feels comfortable and special. Stephanie believes that with this environment created, students are more engaged in their lessons and are less likely to lose focus. As well, she allows the students to learn songs that they choose and WANT to learn, that way they are more motivated to play at home and progress in their skills.