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Welcome to our Band Builder page!

Band Builder is a weekly program that consists of a lesson, and a weekly practice session. The lesson runs from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on band size. The practice session time is usually 1 to 2 hours, depending on the bands needs. Both will reoccur at the same time each week.

Each band will have unique lessons put together for them by their band teacher. The lessons will cover how to play together, writing music as a group, warm up exercises to make your band tight and ready to play, how to get gigs in the future, how to put off a show, and lots lots more!

The unique part of the lessons will be based on different factors like:

-Genre preference,

-Song writing vs covering music

-The Students personalities.

-Availability of students.

Camp Teachers:

Shawn Butler

Shawn has spent most of his life studying, teaching and performing music. Starting at age 8 he began with voice and guitar lessons. Soon finding a love with the bass and drums as well. Shawn Studied music at University, attended a number of education courses and has studied with numerous teachers for Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano, and Voice.

Along the way Shawn has picked up Mandolin, Bodhran, and a number of other instruments. Playing with acts such as: Edison Lane, Crowders, The RMD, The Rovineer’s, Jagged Edge, The Frequency Jazz Collective, all kinds of private functions, festivals and many other events, has allowed for Shawn to add a lot of performance aspects to his teaching. Being a songwriter and a improvising musician brings a creative element to his lessons. At this point he has taught over 100 songwriters. Many who still write and record their music all around Canada.  

Shawn has a successful list of students who have went away to study music, perform and tour with bands, record their own albums, and much more. Teaching for over 15 years, and owning a school for the past 9 years shows his organizational skills and dedication to music and his students.

Things to Note:

1. We will provide full back line (drums, amps, and pianos) and PA, just bring your own breakables (guitars, sticks, horns, etc)

2. Bring your own nut free lunch and water.

3. Bring a notebook and pencil. 

4. Parents and guardians are required to sign a consent form for video and photography to be used for social media and promotion. 


1. A deposit of $200 is required to register. This is the complete fee for the camp. 

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