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Frequency Music Studios

Payment Policy

  1. We accept either

    1. Money on the first of the month, or the lesson before the first for that entire month via e-mail money transfer, or cash

    2. Post-dated cheques that are to be dated for the first of each month for the entire semester at hand. There will be a $25.00 charge for any NSF cheques.

  2. All past due accounts will be charged $25.00 every 30 days the payment is late.

  3. Aside from a one time, $25.00 introductory lesson, upon registering for regular lessons all students are required to pay 4 weeks upfront. This payment is for your 4 weeks notice if you ever decide to cancel lessons and will be transferred from semester to semester until lessons come to an end. 

  4. Lessons are paid for monthly based on an equal division of lessons throughout the teaching year (September to June). For example there are five Tuesdays in some months, four in some months, and three in others. This is all added up and divided into the ten months making every month's payment the same.

Frequency Music Studios

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellations for scheduled events or activities will be allowed a make up only if 24 hours notice is given. If cancelling for medical reasons, notice must be given by 12 pm on the day of the lesson to get a make up lesson. No refunds will be awarded or cash credits for cancelled lessons.

  2. Each student will get 1 makeup per Term. One from September to December and the other from January to June. If the teacher cancels students will be entitled to receive a make-up lesson. In the event of a snow storm or cancelation because of weather, lessons will switch to online via Zoom or another medium. 

  3. Students must provide 4 weeks notice to cancel 

You should be aware of our payment and cancellation policies before you register.  Please take a moment to review them below... NOTE: Does not apply to camp registration

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