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Open since 2009!

Frequency Music was founded in 2009. The business has been consistently expanding it's services. We offer lessons in both private and group settings. In addition to regular lessons we offer a choir, a band program called Band Builder, specialized programs including theory classes and more. As well Frequency offers a jam space for its students to rehearse and practice in.

Why should you take lessons at Frequency Music Studios?

  1. All of our teachers go through an extensive, in-house training program that reinforces our core teaching methods and goals.

  2. Most of our teachers are multi-instrumentalists and often play along with students, giving the material another dimension.

  3. Our innovative teaching styles allow our students to develop and learn the way that is most effective and fun for them! 

  4. Our equipment is top notch, and always well maintained and ready for lessons!

  5. If our students desire it, they can join one of our in house bands that suits their level and interests.

Our Teaching Philosophy


Music lessons at Frequency Music Studios are designed to deliver a unique experience to every student, no matter what age or skill level.

Our philosophy is that there are three ways of learning music - by ear, by eye, or by feel. Our teachers figure out which learning style works best for the student while they teach them music they love.

​Throughout the lessons, our teachers get to know the students and their musical goals. Using this information they structure the lesson plans around each individual student to create a unique experience. No two students learn the same way.


Depending on teacher either:

$90.00 or $100.00 / month ( half hour weekly sessions )

$135.00 or $150 / month ( 45 minute weekly sessions )

$180.00 or $200.00 / month ( 1 hour weekly sessions )

  • Regular lessons are purchased monthly

  • You can switch instruments or teachers easily to find the best fit.

  • Book a 30 minute, no obligation, trial lesson to find the right instrument or teacher! Only $25.00.

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