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Cassandra Hoskins

  • Voice



Singer, Cassandra Hoskins, is from Bay d’espoir, Newfoundland. Cassandra began singing around the age of nine, beginning with solo and choir performances in the local church.

She started working with a voice teacher at age 10, which continued until she graduated high school.  During this time period, Cassandra competed annually in the Kiwanis Music Festival with great success each year. She especially loved the musical theater category.

While Cassandra attended Memorial University, she began experimenting with new styles of music and a more “pop” approach to her performances. She had the opportunity to host the campus Open Mic and sang whenever she could.


Cassandra entered into the St. John’s local music scene in 2019 and since then, has performed at numerous venues with other talented musicians. She regularly performs with Frequency’s founder, Shawn Butler, and has so much fun rocking out with their band, Black Cherry.  Cassandra enjoys performing to crowds of all ages and considers herself a very versatile artist that is willing to sing any genre or style. Some of Cassandra’s vocal influences would include: Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain, Pink and Ann Wilson.


Cassandra has a degree in Education from Memorial University and is excited to use her teaching skills to help students find their own voice! Cassandra values vocal technique, creative freedom and skill building. She believes anyone can and should give singing a try as it is a creative release that brings joy to both the performer and the audience.

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