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Rachel Abbott


A highly experienced, skilled, and motivated Music Teacher... I have 21 years of teaching experience including both private and group classes in piano, theory, voice, flute, and xylophone.  I have taught all the levels of the "Music For Young Children" program, held master classes, seminars, writing classes, and summer music camps.  I have had the joy of teaching several different genres of music; classical, pop, rock, folk, and musical theatre... as well as getting students ready for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams, the Kiwanis Music Festival, helping students achieve their high school music credits outside the regular public program, and getting those interested in making music their career and prepping for post secondary education entry exams.  

I am a dedicated teacher, passionate about music! 


Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) level IX practical

RCM Advanced Rudiments: First class honours with distinction

RCM Intermediate Harmony: First Class Honors

RCM Music History: Honors

Pedagogy certificate

Pedology certificate

Music for Young Children (MYC) Certified: All Levels Completed